The Island of Patmos and the Paradigm Shift: The New Earth and the Heavenly City

Heavenly City Natalia smallMany of us are acutely aware that the entire world is undergoing a much needed paradigm shift. This thorough change is palpable on all levels, from the individual to the world community. Patmos plays an instrumental role is a new world order. The world is yearning for transparency, justice, harmony and integration. In order to embrace the new, we need to let go of past, now destructive, patterns and beliefs. As the Christ itself said, “Behold, I am making all things new”(Revelation 21:5).

The blessed Island of Patmos, long called the ‚Jerusalem of the Aegean’, belongs neither to earth nor heaven. She lays somewhere between, bridging the New Earth with the Heavenly Jerusalem as unveiled to St. John in a powerful and prophetic vision. And long before John blessed the Island the ancient Greeks and then the Roman settled on Patmos and built numerous temples to their Gods and Goddesses, clearly attracted to the island’s sanctity and celestial connections.

It takes some effort to reach Patmos, and once setting foot on the Island most feel either an instance affinity or an uneasy resistance to the timeless island. The island radiates peace yet offers deep and lasting transformation. She challenges and comforts us at the same time, as she gradually molds us into a new earth.

 Over the last few years I have been guiding groups (both English and German speaking) to the Island to experience a profound spiritual therapy found in the millennial old book of Revelations (the last book of the bible). I was awoken to a profound mystery; this text, which invokes so much fear, is carefully constructed of seven series, each with seven elements. This equal 49, and my teacher and friend, the healer and mystic Daskalos, taught that we are the sum-total of seven energy centres (sk. charkas) and each of these levels has seven sub-levels: again equaling 49. Over seven days, through talks and guided meditations, and hands-on treatments our inner landscape will be transfigured into a new earth. As Jesus often said, 'And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. (Mark 2:22)’ The week together is extraordinary and fully transformative.

Patmos is small, and the summer population rarely exceeds 3000, and over the long winter months a mere 700 stalwarts share the 34 km large island. In late May and early June Patmos opens her arms to the world, and in late September the Island effectively closes down.

From central and northern Europe it takes careful planning to reach the Holy Island in one day. The last ferries from, for example, Kos to Skala (Patmos’ port) leave at 13:30. There are a number of direct flights from Munich (my airport) that leave in the early hours of morning (5:45-6:00am) which land on Kos with ample time to take the hour take/bus ride to port in Kos City, and then hop on the 2,5 hours ferry ride to Skala. If you need to spend a night on Kos, as I often do, we can recommend hotels and even restaurants. Moreover one of the oldest and largest healing temples (the Asklepion, where Hippocrates practiced medicine) is minutes from the main city. It is well worth a visit. On your departure day from Patmos, if you catch the early ferry, it is also possible to take in a few sites on Kos before your evening flight.

There are still more flights to Rhodes, but the ferry ride (alone a feast for the senses) runs up to 5-6 hours to reach Patmos. Samos, a mere 1 hour ferry ride away, offers flights, but the ferry schedule is both limited and erratic (changing routinely). 

The advantage of flying into Kos is that is relatively easy to reach home on the back flight in one day (as any flights depart in the evenings). By far the best site to check ferries is:

The search engines I use to find flights are 1.) and 2.)

For all of us take seasonal departures from Patmos, Patmos remains in us no matter where we may wander.  Many, like myself, are annually called back to her shores. As they say, when leaving the earthy Jerusalem,  ‘Next year in [heavenly] Jerusalem.’

My office would be pleased to help you in any manner that you too can experience an incredible island and incomparable healing seminar.

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