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 Theosis Spiritual Healing Education


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The Theosis School of Spiritual Healing was grounded shortly after the passing

of the gentle and powerful healer and mystic Stylianos Atteshlis (1912-1995).



Our work is inspired by this great teacher, who healed countless people of physical, emotional and mental ailments.

He lifted the consciousness of many more by re-energizing the ageless, and liberating, message esoteric Christianity.


Spiritual healing is best described as a timeless dance, in which the divine leads, and we, as her partner, seek to be as presence and guided as possible.

Overtime we learn to more fully participate in the healings, becoming ready assistants in the healing process.



‘What is impossible with men is possible with God.’
Jesus of Nazareth (Luke 18:27)



The Theosis Spiritual Healing Technique works with the….


— wisdom and workings of the body (reassuring the nervous system, while vitalizing and cleaning the blood and organs).


— subtle bodies to free the energy centers (charkas) from heavy karmic patterns.


— Mercy and Love of the Divine, to go deeply in resolving the causes of discomfort and confusion.


We teach a full and powerful technique that has help transform neophyte into skillful healers. Others have brought the theory, and/or the techniques into their own body and healing work. Still others have drawn on the training to become more awake in daily life: as a friends, co-workers, and family member.


We offer four workshops in healing. Each seminar is a balance between theory, meditations, and exchanges.


Many, after the first four-days, have experienced deep and lasting healings, and are able to offer profound treatments themselves.


In the Healing II, III and IV (optional) we train to increase our awareness of subtle energy, dive deeper into the causes of sufferings, additional technique and more fully awake in the divine.


The Theosis Spiritual Healing Technique was developed by Paul and Birgit Skorpen. Our Healing School offers course throughout Europe and in North America. Please contact us to learn more about the school and our teaching schedule.


A healer’s hands belong more to Christ than himself, and his constant prayer was, ‘May your will, not mine, be done’.



The stone that the builders rejected has
now become the cornerstone.

Psalm 118:22



Spiritual Healing I: Laying the Cornerstones: Healing through Presence and Passivity



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A four-day workshop on Spiritual Healing based on the wisdom and technique of the healer Stylianos Atteshlis ‘Daskalos’.


Themes include how we can call on, and work with, the Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.


Through exercise and presentations we experience:

the etheric double,

elementals (formed of thought and emotions),

and the etheric vitality (prana).



We probe deeply into sources of illness and discomfort, and the possible ways in which we can help alleviate suffering. Participants leave the workshop with a powerful spiritual healing technique, which they are able to immediately apply to their lives and work. No previous study necessary to attend.




Spiritual Healing II: Integrating Work on the Casual Planes



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In Healing II we seek to develop fuller contact with Christ Logos and the Holy Spirit.


Additional Healing forms are taught: Deep cleaning of the two currents (Skr. Nadis) running through the left and right side of the body.


Balancing the 4-elements treatment, Theosis Family Karma treatment®, Heart Opening treatment, and a powerful Distant Healing technique is taught.


Various techniques for self-healing are also presented.




Spiritual Healing III: Transforming Karmic Patterns into Power, Love and Wisdom



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Work with prayers for cleaning, transforming and dis-energizing negative personal karmic patterns (Stem-elemental Treatment®).


A deep study of the charkas. Fuller awareness of subtle energy. Becoming conscious of our own karmic patterns.


Colors in healing.


A technique to clean places and homes of unwanted traumas/energy. Invoking the 7 lines of the Lord’s Prayer into the 7 chakras through hands on healing.





Spiritual Healing IV: Deep and lasting Integration through uniting the Divine Feminine and the Masculine






A treatment for relieving the karma inherent in the human form.


Deep work with the archetypal cleaning of seven demons from Maria Magdalene, towards identification with the Holy Sophia, for union with the Christ.


Conscious contact with Spirit Guides in healing.


A treatment to help free us from the yoke of collective Karma: Chistos-Sophia treatment.


Diploma ceremony.